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Written & Illustrated by GK Kingsley

The Bust in Dust

The Bust in Dust

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The perfect pick-me-up pocket book for when wisdom is waning!

Fifty illustrated gems to bring sparkle and smiles to your day.

Reader Reviews

  • "GK's ability to make you smile is second to none. She encourages you to laugh at yourself, the world, and all in it that tries us." Heather Pennicott, New Zealand
  • “GK magically transforms the commonplace into the extraordinary.” Neil Marr, Fiction Editor
  • "Succinct, witty and jam packed full of genuine feeling and emotion." Vicky Boulton, UK
  • “She has an uncanny knack of describing the idiosyncrasies between men and women that will make you 'laugh out loud' without being offensive. Simply, brilliant." Richard, UK.
  • "Guaranteed to make you think and tickle your ribs." Lorraine Corneck, UK
  • "I do love GK's verse - most times they could have been written just for me..." Jaqui Somers, UK
  • "GK has the uncanny knack of shrink-wrapping life's obstacles into witty verse." Aldene Fowkes, UK
  • “Love your poems they brighten up my days x.” Ruth Smith, UK
  • "Huge fan of GK's poems and rhymes - they really do make me smile." Carlie Lee, UK
  • “Incisive, witty, and she has a real knack of finding the humour in even the most mundane events." JudyM, UK
  • "Always thought-provoking, a GK Kingsley poem is just the daily tonic one needs!" Gavin Orr, Scotland
  • "If laughter is one of the best forms of medicine, prepare to feel better." George Houguez, UK
  • "I really look forward to GK Kingsley's random, pithy and witty scribblings. They never fail to brighten my day." Rob Henderson, UK

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