Pitchforks & Pina Coladas

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Derek Fitztumbleton, ambitious headmaster of a rural school and despiser of rustic ways, is desperate to make it ‘big’ in the city. When his wife deserts him for a better life, his quest for promotion becomes ever more urgent. But as an Ofsted visit looms, a flasher, a farmer and a faltering dominatrix are fated to jeopardise his plans...

Set within the idiosyncratic workings of a small English village school, Pitchforks & Pina Coladas is a humorous tale with a message which plays on the gaping divide between urban attitudes and every day rural life.

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Brilliantly funny. Laughed out loud!
!!! Be warned if you are in public you will not be able to keep a straight face !!! :)

A thoroughly good read.

Held me to the end. Can't wait for book 2.
Written better than Tom Sharpe
Star rating 10/10
Is there any more?


A fabulously funny tale - made me smile and laugh out loud

Fantastic read

Fantastic read, especially if you have ever experienced an Ofsted inspection - GK has an excellent way with words and descriptions. Look forward to the next one and in the meantime, her "pick-me-up pearls".

Great novel, and a recommended read.

Great novel, and a recommended read. This very much reminded me of the style of Tom Sharpe, in that this book focuses on the foibles and inadequacies of characters. Unlike Sharpe, however, the plot lines entwine multiple characters, not focusing on one. The book successfully engages you in the characters' lives. The characters are well drawn, and the progress of the novel leaves you wondering (and looking forward to) what will come next. GK Kingsley has done an admirable job in engaging the reader, with wit, style (and a sprinkling of sauciness!)

To summarise, laugh out loud humour, wit, and erudition make this a "must read" book. The only question is when the next in the series will be published.

Pre-publication reviews

Here is feedback from a few reviewers that sums up what I hope to achieve for other readers:

"It's great. Really funny, characters that I recognise and want to know more about. And where is this story going?! It's going to be hilarious..." Gavin Orr, Scotland

"Brilliantly written in an engaging and humorous style with larger than life characters."  Vicky Boulton, UK

"Pitchforks happily brought to mind the tone and style of a Tom Sharpe novel. Comedy this is and deliciously observed..." Alf Fry, New Zealand

"I was laughing out loud in places... I’ve been up all night with sick kids and reading your work has given me a great lift."  Fleur Ferris, Australia

"Well done - dry like a good wine - with a punch."  Papa Stas, YWO Reviewer

"... pure entertainment ..." Bruce Brislin, UK

"The description of how the couple ignores one another is both funny and deep. You've said so much about the characters in few words...  I really enjoyed this witty piece of writing..." Lyn Gerry, USA

"This is an entertaining and amusing story. I enjoyed every page..." Robert Preston-Whyte, South Africa 

"This is brilliant. I was really captivated by your story... I think you have lots of satirical and philosophical stuff to say and this is important. It's important that you teach us, as readers, something that we didn't already know and you do this very well." John Walker, UK

‘A totally enjoyable read. I poured a cup of coffee before I began reading this, got so involved in it I forgot my coffee and now it’s cold.’

"Just read the 1st chapter... Well written & very funny!" Jon Hogg, UK

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