Collection: Welcome to GK's 28-Day Poetical Posse!

If you're reading this, then you are now a member of an exclusive group of positive thinking peeps.

Only folk who have been on the GK 28-day pick-me-up journey get to see this page. So credit to you, my friend, you are one upbeat person and I salute you!

Now it's time to reward yourself and pick your favourite poem to have in your home!

Each of the 28 daily pick-me-ups is available as a 20x20cm print, hand-signed on the back by me... You simply need to choose which one you'd like to remind yourself what an amazing person you are! And of course, you can always choose more... they make a lovely set.

Or would you like to have your pick-me-ups always close to hand?  If yes, then do check out my Little Bag of Pick Me Ups, which are the perfect size for your handbag.

So go on... you deserve to treat yourself... I can't wait to see which poem you choose!

Big hugs

GK xx



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