What do you think about the 'R' word?

What do you think about the 'R' word?

Hello my friend!

Happy Monday to you. I do hope you had a good weekend. 😊

Now, I’m not sure your age, and I would never be so audacious as to ask. However, I’m in my mid-fifties now, and the ‘R’ word is one that many of my friends are beginning to mutter. 

A GK thought about ‘retirement’…

It’s interesting, some people are just hanging on each day for when they can retire. Others have jumped straight in the first moment they could. And others still, don’t even have it on their radar.

As for me? Well, re ‘work work’, where I write for business as a freelancer/contractor, yes, I’m sure I’ll retire at some point. However, re writing poems and stuff for YOU… no; I don’t think I’ll ever retire from that until I physically have to.

I love playing with words, and sending you little ditties and having fun with bits of verse fills my heart with delight. And why on earth would I want to retire from that, eh?!

Thus, in that respect, I can’t take the ‘R’ word seriously. (But, with that said, I respect whatever slant you have on it, because we're all different).

So, this is what the ‘R’ word conjures up for me now.

What do you reckon? Are you with me on this?! 

Here’s to a great week ahead, whether you’re still pounding the commuting line, happily twiddling your fingers, filling your days with the stuff you never got to do while you’re working… or, dare I say it, a bit weary of it all.

Big hugs to you!

GK xx

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