Upon Reflection... Who's with me on glasses half-full?!

Upon Reflection... Who's with me on glasses half-full?!

Howdy doooooody, lovely poetical peeps!

How is your week going? Well, I sincerely hope.

I’m back from my long weekend away… exhausted, of course; travel is wonderful but whackadoodling at times. But I did have a fabulous trip.

However, this feeling-tired lark has prompted me to share this poem with you. I know that some of you may have seen it already, but it is actually exactly how I feel today. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Who’s with me on this? Glasses half-full whatever, eh? 

Here’s to steamy mirrors and blowing a raspberry at getting older.


GK xxx

P.S. This poem is actually part of my 21-Day More Poetical Pick-Me-Ups (it's Day 10)… So, if you've already been on my 7-Day Pick-Me-Up Mood Booster, please do sign up for 3 more weeks. It's FREE and simply designed to keep you feeling positive about YOU and your world. CLICK HERE.


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