To be or not to be... plucky? - Poem by GK Kingsley

To be or not to be... plucky? - Poem by GK Kingsley

Happy Tuesday, peeps!

How’s your December started? Mine’s been like the weather… a bit of everything, but the sun does still shine occasionally 😊.

However, putting Christmas aside – you can take a lovely calming breath now for some brief non-Xmas chatter 🫶 – I confess that once I hit December, I do have my eye on the next year and what my plans are.

Now, I’m not about to expound on the virtues of new year’s resolutions or anything; like religion and politics, that’s a private matter, ha ha. But, for me it is a time that prompts me to think, “Oooh, what am I overlooking? Should I give something new a try?” 

Currently, I have lots of ideas on my list of potentials – some professional in nature, others more personal – and I’ll no doubt give you a glimpse into my quirky world over the next few weeks, lol 🤦. Watch this space.

But, whatever I do choose to shoot for next year, today’s poem sums up my attitude. I hope it gives you a smile.

Here’s to having a plucky take on life, folks! Wot say you? 😁


GK xx

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