The AI challenge and a poets response - Poem by GK Kingsley

The AI challenge and a poets response - Poem by GK Kingsley

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I don't know how much you've followed the recent rise of ChatGPT and AI, but they are certainly making for interesting times. I'm not going to knock the astonishing advances these types of technology are making, by the way. Some of the medical achievements are astounding. But, equally so, for creatives like me, it's presenting a few challenges.

For example, what would take even the most talented writer or artist hours/days/weeks/months to produce, the likes of ChatGPT and DALL-E can now produce within a split second. It's a bit disheartening in truth. And I doubt I'm the only one going through some soul searching at the moment.

However, I am an optimist at heart. And this fortunate stance enables me to view things from another angle too.

I firmly believe that real people - like YOU - still appreciate true human connection. The capacity for empathy is one of our most powerful qualities. And an empathetic stance is exactly where my writing comes from. It's not manufactured to please or make money. Instead, it bubbles out of me as I celebrate being a human being who has flaws and feelings. And this, in turn, enables me to scribble thoughts down madly so I can share them and show you that you are not alone… We're in this together.

So, I wrote the following little poem to 

a) give a thumbs up to my capacity as a human being to share thoughts and feelings through the written word and, 

b) more importantly, celebrate and thank you for reading them sometimes! 

Here it is…

AI vs An “I”

I am an “I”. I exist. I am real
I have aspirations. I care, and I feel
When you see my work, it is the real deal!
I am not AI, I’m an “I”, I am real

I am GK… And this name – when you say
I will turn my head and wish you a good day
AI’s learned from ME! It is not t ’other way
For I am GK, I have something to say

I have a real brain, I have nerves, I feel pain
My body depends on sunshine and rain
My heart pumps round blood, through artery and vein
And that heart empathises when YOU'RE feeling pain

So, this “I”, that is me, who writes my poetry
And whose heart, brain, and body’s in reality
Will ALWAYS write each word, NOT ChatGPT
I want to connect with you through poetry 

I want to write it to show you I care
To spread cheeky cheer and to fend off despair
To generate some smiles and spread hope everywhere
Cos I am an “I”… and AI don’t care!


GK xx

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