Sneaky preview... NO ONE ELSE HAS SEEN THIS YET! :-)

Sneaky preview... NO ONE ELSE HAS SEEN THIS YET! :-)

Hello there!

How's your week going? Good I hope! And don't worry if it isn't… cos it's nearly the weekend :-).

I recently posted a little poem on my various social media accounts called WYSIWYG. Just the words, no illustrations. 

I had a lot of fun writing it, but I have to say I was blown away at how well received it was by peeps I'm connected with online… 

So, I thought I'd share with you where I've got to with it. Give you a sneaky preview…


Nope, it's not even for sale. 

But I am thinking to offer it in various sizes, from A5 up to A3. As a small poster size it could look really amazing!

Anyway, most importantly, would you let me know what YOU think? 

Your feedback and thoughts will really help me. (I am thinking of doing various family combinations for the cartoon, but this is what I've created so far…).

Thank you, as always, for taking your time to read this. 

Big hugs to you!

GK xx

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