Ready to move YOUR groove? 😁

Ready to move YOUR groove? 😁

Well, good day to you on this fine Monday!

I hope you had a good weekend. 

I spent mine inadvertently contemplating the hills and dales of my GK writing journey so far. And I realised, this morning, that I wanted to share a bit of my thinking/experience so far with you. 

Not to say, hey, look at me, me, me, by the way… But to inspire you, if you’re having a dubious moment, to look at you, you, you… and encourage you - in my usual unconventional way - to have a go at moving your groove. 😊.

Let me explain…

I’m sure you can imagine how tough trying to ‘make it’ as a writer is. 

  • There’s no clear definition of success. 
  • There are plenty of folk out there happy to clip your wings when they can.
  • And you often feel you’re trying to connect with people in a world that can’t hear or see you.

It’s a bit like starting out on a very long journey with no idea where you’re going, no clue if your boots are up to the job, and lots of people encouraging you to not bother in the first place.

But… it is about not giving up!

You’ll have sussed that the theme of ‘not giving up’ has inspired many of my poems. And that determination has, in turn, inspired me to search deep within myself for ways to stay positive and foster self-belief. 

You see, I have made lots of mistakes, failed many times, hit brick walls, and questioned myself daily. 

But when I think of stopping my writing career, my heart sinks, and I can’t bear the thought of not having writing in my life. 

So, instead, I’ve taught myself to move my groove. 

Yep! I’ve learnt to set my own conventions, and I've let MY values and dreams guide me on what those conventions should be AND when to adjust them. And in doing so, I’ve:

  • Created my own definition of success – Which is when just one person tells me they feel better for reading something I’ve written… That’s success. Simple. It's not about money; it's about making people feel good about themselves.
  • Learnt that people can’t clip my wings – Instead, I have a sturdy pair of boots that I’ve put through their paces, and now trust that they will keep my feet firmly grounded and moving forward. They’re My boots, and it’s MY path to tread; wings are not required.
  • Discovered that I AM managing to connect with people – Because YOU have proven that to me, and I can’t thank you enough. Seriously. THANK YOU! Xxx

So, there you go. 

This has been a bit garbled, apologies, but my message is written from the heart. And, notwithstanding that the poem was influenced by my son’s obsession with football 🤦‍♀️😆, I hope the metaphor works for you all the same.

May you have a fabulously positive rest of week.

Big hugs to you.

GK xxx

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