No Diary for Expiry!

No Diary for Expiry!

Happy post-bank-holiday-weekend!

How are you feeling today? Was it a peaceful break, a gardening marathon dodging the rain, or a travel-tastic-despite-the-traffic-jams family trip away? (Or none of those, of course…).

Mine was a bit of all three, in truth. Plus, I worked on Monday too… ha ha – no rest for the wicked, eh?!

BUT… I did pull this little ditty together, cos it sums up how I’m feeling currently. A bit on the crusty side but determined not to crumble into crumbs quite yet.

This old bird ain’t past her sell-by date… and I wanted to remind YOU that you aren’t either.

So, whatever it is your soul is craving… go do it! And let me know when you've started. I can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Big cheers for the week ahead.

And big hugs to you too.

GK xx



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