Nautical Smiles

Nautical Smiles

Hellooooo, happy Friday! (Is it Friday?... Yes, I think it is…)

How’s your week been? Mine’s been mad. Started mad and got madder and badder from there.

But I’m not complaining about being busy. That’s not something a writer ever complains about.

AND… my crazy pay-the-bills-life has given me inspiration for this little ditty. Which totally sums up my working world at the moment. I am literally speaking to, and working with, people all over the place. It’s a great opportunity involving lots of writing and word play. I just find the days can get a bit long and I’m not at my best past my afternoon tea. Ha ha.

Anyway, cheers to you wherever YOU are. The sun will move past the yardarm for you too in due course, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend… Enjoy!

Big hugs

GK xxx



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