My latest take on the Musk/Zuckerberg "saga" - Poem by GK Kingsley

My latest take on the Musk/Zuckerberg "saga" - Poem by GK Kingsley

Hi there!

Just had to send this out today. The news is sometimes just such delicious inspiration for my ironic mind :-).

I wrote this poem to reflect my utterly indifferent response to Zuckerberg's latest attempt to annoy Elon Musk. 

In outright irreverance, I searched on Google for ‘birds names like sewing’ and discovered this wonderful beast – the tailorbird – and it was too tempting to ignore. Hope that makes sense of what you're about to read. I hope you enjoy it - I certainly had fun writing it!

BREAKING NEWS: Tailorbirds raise concerns about trademark infringement

HEADLINE: Social media’s
Set to glue us to our phone
As Zuckerberg attempts
To kill two birds with one stone

Who will be the winner
In this battle of the wits?
Will his newbie dangly threaders
Beat the old school tweety twits?

Will they have us all in stitches
As they needle at their prey?
Will the albatross round Muskie’s neck
Accepts it’s had its day?

Or is the early bird that got the worm
Well set up for survival
And not fearing being stitched up
By a threadbare new arrival?

Ha! Musk may be spitting feathers
Hoping Zuck hangs by a thread
But Tailorbirds in Asia
Are now justly seeing red!


Happy Thursday!

GK xx

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