My Gardening to a T(ea)... Cheers!

My Gardening to a T(ea)... Cheers!


Happy Monday to you. Did you have a good weekend? I hope so.

I don’t know what the weather was like with you, but it was pretty darned lovely for me in Northamptonshire. Sunny, not too warm, but warm enough, and perfect for my first spot of gardening for the year.

I say ‘first spot of gardening’ with a wry smile on my face, mind you. 

I am NOT a keen gardener. My abilities are very limited. My willingness to do it even more so. BUT… and it is a bit BUT… I do like sitting outside during the summer for meals, coffees, and glasses of wine.

So, to do that experience justice, it does make sense for me to put a little effort into my surroundings, doesn’t it?

Which means that this weekend I got my gardening gloves on and did a stint. It’ll never be a masterpiece, but it does at least look better. 

And the activity prompted me to dust off a poem a drafted last year, tidy it up, illustrate it, and pop it up here to give you a smile.

If you’re a green fingered goddess… I salute you!

If you’re an enthusiastic gardening amateur… respect!

And if you’re as useless as I am on the gardening front… solidarity!

But, whichever you are, I shall say cheers to you with a steaming cuppa in my hand.

Here’s to a good summer ahead, eh? I have all my fingers and eyes crossed for it.

Big hugs!

GK xx


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