Mini de Me... Can you relate or is it just me?! 😂🤦 - Poem by GK Kingsley

Mini de Me... Can you relate or is it just me?! 😂🤦 - Poem by GK Kingsley

Howdy dooooody, my lovely poetical peeps!

How has your week started? Or is that a question I shouldn't ask?! Whatever is going on for you… I hope that things have a bonnie base, but very big hug from me if things are a tough. I'm sending you heartfelt a digital cuddle .

Here's a blast from my past… 

I was going through my portfolio of poems over the weekend and found a ditty I'd forgotten I'd written!

That means, of course, that I wrote it a while ago. However, following on from the ‘Weary Mum’s Rantrum' the other day… I thought I'd share this one with you too.

Time has moved on a few years in our story of motherhood, and hit the edge of teendom.

What do you reckon? Can you relate?!

Just as an aside, my son is now at Uni and we do have very rewarding conversations these days. In fact, I had a fabulous night out with him and his mates this weekend, and he talked all sorts of interesting sense… So he doesn't sound like me at all any more! Ha ha ha ha ha.

Here's a big cheers to you!

Have a great week.

GK xx

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