I'm sorry, it's my fault... - Poem by GK Kingsley

I'm sorry, it's my fault... - Poem by GK Kingsley


I have a quick confession to make, so I thought I'd better get it off my chest now.

It's all my fault…

I'M VERY VERY SORRY, ENGLAND... I bought my new picnic bench a few days ago, so that's why it's not stopped raining! 🤦‍♀️😝🌦🌧⛈️🤣

And, as is my way, the best method I have of dealing with the weight of such a mistake is to write a poem. So, here it is. 

GK's Apology and Explanation For the Weather

Yes, it’s my fault, I am sorry
That it’s raining cats and dogs
I’d like to say I did it
Cos’ I just love ducks and frogs

But, in truth, they never crossed my mind
When last week I did feel
The urge to buy a picnic bench
To have an outdoor meal

So I really beg forgiveness
For the UK’s melancholy
Cos to add to that grave crime
I also do not own a brolly


Right… I feel like that heavy burden has now lifted from my shoulders. Here's to when the sun comes out next and we can all enjoy a picnic again!


GK xx

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