I have a theory that whatever the weather... - Poem by GK Kingsley

I have a theory that whatever the weather... - Poem by GK Kingsley


Happy Wednesday to you! I hope your week is shuffling along well.

I confess, I'm actually on holiday at the moment. My partner and I have taken his kiddies away to Center Parcs for a few days, supposedly to recharge our batteries. Ha ha! Exhaust ourselves more like. But if you're going to knacker yourself out entertaining the kiddies, Center Parcs is a good place to do it in the UK, isn't it?

I mean, let's look at this objectively… We've had sun, wind, and rain EVERY DAY so far, and who knows what's coming this afternoon. So, of course, we've packed for every eventuality and had to bring 2 cars just to be able to squeeze everyone/thing in. I did draw the line at bringing skis. 

Anyway, of course, even though I'm on a break, all this ‘experience’ has given me a bit of inspiration and I couldn't leave my pad and pencil behind… And so I grabbed it yesterday to scribble this little ditty while the rain was pounding on the lodge roof. On every level, it seems fitting. And yes, the squirrels are particularly cheery!

So, as it’s half way through my break… I shall say cheers to you. And leave you with my poem below until next week! 


GK xx

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