How did that first day of school go for YOU?! - Poem by GK Kingsley

How did that first day of school go for YOU?! - Poem by GK Kingsley

Hi ya!

How's your week been? I'm asking that question particularly to the mums who've waved their little ones off to school for the first time. Be it primary school or secondary school… it's a watershed moment, eh?!

I have one son, and he's at Uni now, but I still remember that first day at primary school like it was yesterday.

Suddenly, he was coming home having learnt stuff I hadn't taught him. He was meeting people I may never meet. And he was making friendships… on his own!

When that moment happened to me, I realised the only way I was going to manage MY own emotions was to ‘prepare’ myself to let go… in order for him to come back to me of his own accord.

That's why I wrote the little poem below. I don't know if it resonates for you, but this strategy has served me very well. My son and I enjoy an amazing relationship… I mean, I even get texts that aren't about needing a financial top up (sometimes) ! Ha ha ha!

Please do share your thoughts and experiences with me… I love learning about others' points of view. It helps to build empathy for all the wonderful people (mostly women) I connect with. 


GK xx

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