Heart on my sleeve moment for me today... - Poem by GK Kingsley

Heart on my sleeve moment for me today... - Poem by GK Kingsley


How are you doing? ‘Good’, I sincerely hope. 

As for me? Well… I'm having a heart on my sleeve moment today. Because, rather than just hide away when I'm finding things a bit tough, I wanted to highlight to you just how much my own experiences fuel my writing. Writing… that I share to benefit others (as well as myself!).

So, what's my struggle this week? Self-doubt. That's what my struggle is. 

My mind is full of ideas - some fun, some sensible, some exciting, and some just frankly ridiculous. But they're all there, milling around. And sometimes, just sometimes, a weasel-worm of doubt wriggles in and throws me a off track. 

Now, this is extremely common for a writer, and I'm no stranger to the feeling at all. 

So, please know, I'm NOT looking for sympathy. 

I'm tackling it and I'm BEATING IT... In fact, I'm now smiling as I type this! 😊 

But the poem below is one I wrote to remind myself that there are ways of looking at doubt… and dealing with it. And this is a way that helps me sometimes. 

If this is you too... please know… you're NOT ALONE! 😘

Keep positive, folks! Regardless of what's going on in the world, our positivity is something we can manage for ourselves… And feel free to share this with anyone you know who might appreciate it too.

Big hugs to you!

GK xx

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