Everyday Special Occasions...

Everyday Special Occasions...

Well hello to you on this fine Thursday!

How’s your week diddlin’?

I’ve been in a pensive mood at times so far. All good stuff, nothing maudlin. But - and I think this is because I’m in my fifties and have a fair amount of life under my belt - I have found myself prone to contemplating the preciousness of every day, hour, minute, and second more and more recently.

Staying positively mindful and enjoying the present is important, but you still have to keep one eye on the future too, don’t you? It’s not always easy to balance.

So, as is my way 😉, I thought it worth penning a few lines about how I intend to ensure every day is a special occasion from now on.

And, of course as is my way, I’ve focused on the most important things, ha ha ha!

I hope this gives you a smile!

Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to dig out that best crockery, those crystal glasses, and of course your favourite undies so you too can make every day a special occasion. YOU DESERVE IT!

GK xxx


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