Easter Feaster... Chocs ahoy! 😋

Easter Feaster... Chocs ahoy! 😋

Hello there, my wonderful poetical friends!

Happy Good Friday to you. I hope you’ve had a good week and are looking forward to a few days off 😊.

Of course, I couldn’t let a celebration like Easter pass by without some sort of ditty to go with it. And so I wrote this ‘timely’ little piece especially for THIS Easter. 

FYI, my wonderful poetry peeps in the US, you leapt forward an hour 2-3 weeks ago. However, here in the UK, they’ve saved that little ‘losing an hour’ shock for us on Easter Sunday. 

Bah humbug… but never mind.

There’s lots to enjoy anyway. Can you guess what my particular joy is? Ha ha ha.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter break.

Big hugs to you!

GK xx


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