Does your mind ever turn to jelly... cos mine has today! - Poem by GK Kingsley

Does your mind ever turn to jelly... cos mine has today! - Poem by GK Kingsley


I'm back from my break and I'd love to say I'm rearing to go… but… I confess, my head just isn't getting into it today.

It is frustrating. And writer's block is quite scary at times. But I've learnt that when it strikes I have to allow myself just to ‘write’ whatever flows.

So… with that said… I'm going to apologise in advance, and share with you what came out of my jelly brain today. It's not glamorous, it's certainly not glorious, and it took me by surprise. Ha ha. However, that said, it's shown me that I can still put pen to paper when I want to, and the page isn't left blank.

That, alone, is achievement enough.

And sometimes in life, I believe we all need to cut ourselves some slack, because we all have our off days.

And besides, I still wanted to say HI! to you.

So, without any further ado, here's today's scribbling. Enjoy (or not!) 😁😉🙃.


Has my brain turned to jelly… or am I in a jam? 

I’ve come back from vacation
And I’m stuck for inspiration 🤔
Plus (!!!) my vocab’s in a mess 🤦‍♀️
Cos ”vacation”s sooooooo US?!

Even though I stayed in Blighty
… Yet now the words I writey
Have gone Yankee doodle dandy
Which isn’t very handy

For a poet whose UKness
Is a part of her GKness
And she still prefers a “Z”
To rhyme with words like “bed” 😴

But though my jellyhead is jammed 🤯
And has seized up like a clam
You can ignore such rants
Cos I still call knickers "pants"! 👙


Sure as trousers are trousers!  ‘Colour’ has a ‘u’ in it. And basil doesn't rhyme with nasal!


GK xx

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