Do you get poetical moments sometimes?

Do you get poetical moments sometimes?

Hello there!

Sorry for my silence, I've been away with friends.

I don't know if you remember, but my email last week was a little ditty about those blasted things… crow's feet!!! Yeuch.

Anyway, a wonderful lady called Marion replied to that email with a little poem that came to her in response. I love it so much, I thought I'd share it with you all. It's a great sentiment!

Those lines on my face have a story to tell 
Of good times and bad times,when all was not well
But now that I,m older and wiser as well
I know that the most lines are from laughing like hell.🤣🤣
By Marion Beldon


And, funnily enough, I have one with exactly the same sentiment in my portfolio too!

If YOU want to send me some little lines of yours… PLEASE DO! I'll only share your words if you're happy for me to do so. And I love the idea of building a little ‘Poetical Moments’ Community.

What do you reckon?!


GK xx

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