Arty-Schmarty-ficial Spintelligence

Arty-Schmarty-ficial Spintelligence

Happy Wednesday to you!

How are things going for you?

For me… the news yesterday that the latest version of ChatGPT – the artificial intelligence thingy that writes and draws, blah blah bah humbug – left me a little peeved; as many announcements about technology seeking to emulate human creativity do, in truth.

How come?

So, now they’re waxing lyrical about how it this application can flirt! Well, yaaaa booo sucks to anyone who thinks that’s a nice idea! It won’t be long before you won’t know whether you’re ever dealing with a human being… ever…

… Which brings me to a point that I’m VERY keen to make to you.

Please know, that ALL my work is written and illustrated by ME without the intervention of artificial intelligence.


ALL messages, posts, and emails from me are written BY ME, without the intervention of artificial intelligence.

So, when you think you’re dealing with GK… it’s because you ARE dealing with GK!

I just wanted to reassure you that that is the case.

But, while I’m on the subject… 

Why on earth can’t they spend their time inventing some AI that will just go and clean my house, so I can get on with writing?! Currently it feels like it’s all the other way round! AI is having fun, and I'm stuck with the Cillit Bang!

Ha  ha ha… rant over.

I hope you have a wonderful rest of week.

Big hugs to you.

GK xxx


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