Are you waiting watchfully?😘

Are you waiting watchfully?😘

Happy Friday to you, my wonderful poetical peeps!

I so hope you’ve had a good week. Mine’s been bogged down with a coldy bug. But don’t worry, I’m giving Rudolph some lessons in preparation for December 😉.

Now, I don’t know about you but sometimes, when I’m feeling slightly off kilter, I find myself kinda just waiting for time to pass until it’s over. That’s not a great way of spending time, for me. I prefer to try to make the most of every moment… After all, you can’t get that time back!

However, after a long week, and as I recover, my mind turned to this poem and I thought that it was ideal for sharing with you on a Friday. I hope it gives you a smile.

May your weekend give you great peace, joy, and/or inspiration. And may the sun move over the yardarm for you, whenever it suits YOU.


GK xx


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