A Monday thought for Darwin... What animal are you today 🤔😘?!

A Monday thought for Darwin... What animal are you today 🤔😘?!

Happy Monday to you!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and big hug to you now that we start another week.

I say that with empathy packed into every syllable, btw. 

I tend to be more of a lark than an owl.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m also way too much of a party animal for my own good, but I am an early riser, and I find the mornings are when my brain is working most creatively, so I like to make the most of that time. 

However, this morning… I was definitely more on the hibernating hedgehog side of things. 

And it’s now 6.45am, I’m still in my PJs (that’s normal, actually), the coffee is beginning to do its trick, and I’m finally managing to write to you.

So… I feel my poem for today is appropriate and about as meaningful as I can be. I’ll just thank Charles Darwin for helping me to feel vaguely scientific, if nothing else… ha ha ha ha!

Does make you wonder, though, eh?! And thinking about it… I'm realising that this morning I am perhaps turning more into a highly evolved worm than a cute hedgepig.

And on that note… I wish you a wonderful start to the week.

Big hugs!

GK xx

P.S By the way, if you've had a look at my website, you'll know that I sell prints and bits of some of my work. If you ever see one of my poems that you'd like as a print, and you can't find it on my website… NO PROBLEM! Just message me and I'll have a chat with my printer. Each poem print is handled personally by me - orders are not part of some impersonal conveyor belt… So I can always sort that very quickly. 😘

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