A December 1st thought... - Poem by GK Kingsley

A December 1st thought... - Poem by GK Kingsley

Howdy doooooooooody!
So, it’s the first of December. Deep breath, let the countdown begin, lol. 💪
I love Christmas, really, and am still a BIG kid when it comes to putting up decorations and planning festive fun.
My favourite bit is working out the little things for stockings… as my 22 (!!) year old son will attest! He plays it cool, but I know that if I stopped giving him a stocking he’d feel something was missing.
But, with all that said, I thought I’d share a more contemplative poem with you today.
It’s mostly a reminder to myself than anything else.
I don’t know about you, but I find it all too easy to slip into military-operation-mode when I’m planning and implementing the build-up to the big day. And ultimately, for me anyway, it really is our time and consideration that mean the most, and I forget that sometimes.
So, this is my December 1st thought for you…
And don’t worry… This is me, GK, who’s writing to you here. Know that I also firmly believe there’s lots of fun to be had too. I am the Cheeky Cheer Queen 😘😍🥳!
So, I hope your December has started well.
And I wish you a great weekend.
Big hugs
GK xx
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